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Resolved Please unban me

Discussion in 'Punishment appeals' started by StarShadow, Mar 31, 2017.

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  1. StarShadow

    StarShadow New Member


    Date of ban:March 31st,2017

    Reason I was banned: Screenshot (4).png

    Why i should be unbanned: (attempt n°4)
    Okay so, first of all the problem here I was that using x-ray when the rules say "no cheats", and I clearly broke those rules. Second of all I tried to pin it on my little sister.
    I'd like to be unbanned because I a have a large base owned by me and my friends, which has alot of things they can't get into that they should be able to get into. Also, where I have that base... A large portion of it belongs to and/or was built by me, and I would hate to have to leave all of that.
    I fully admit to using x-ray when I wasn't supposed to. If I get unbanned, I'd like to say that I won't do it again, and I hope my appeal is okay.

    Sorry, ~ Seth (Frisk_Dreenurr)
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  2. Pandawee

    Pandawee Owner Staff Member

    Unbanned. Please make sure to follow the rules and never use X-RAY again.
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  3. hasanas

    hasanas Developer Staff Member Developer

    Thread closed.
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