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Discussion in 'Introductions' started by ItzYoGurlWaffle, Apr 25, 2017.

  1. ItzYoGurlWaffle

    ItzYoGurlWaffle New Member

    Hey! I'm Wafflegirl, now known as Itz_Waffle or HeyItzWaffle. I'm not really new to Zetacraft, joined in 2015. I am the youngest sibling of Waffleguy and Wafflekid, some of you may know. I'm a girl, and I try my best to help the community when I can. If you need help decorating, just call me over! If you need to contact staff, you can just tell me "I need to contact staff!" I contact them through discord mostly, but if people really need them, I contact them somewhere else I think the staff doesn't want to share. I'm the person with Knight | Waffle. I always try to go on whenever I can. The Introductory is getting too long, I'll just say it all in one. I am Wafflegirl/Itz_Waffle/HeyItzWaffle, and I'll try my best to help you, and I don't desire to grief, or scam in any way. This is not a staff app btw, just in case you were thinking of that.

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